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popsicle_killer's Journal

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  • popsicle_killer@livejournal.com
This lj is to fork off/pawn/give away things that I no longer need/use as I am moving far away. No I am not going to tell you where I am going, but I can say that my life needs to fit into two suitcases, so there will be quite a few things for "grabs." All deals/ sales/ trades, et cetera must be completed before JULY 31, 2006. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you are looking for me, my lj is apathywithin. Comment to be added.

Somethings can be traded for money or for items I will need. Cash will always be a good trade. It fits in my pocket! :D After awhile, I shall be donating things, so speak up if you see something you want. Those not from LJ may claim items, and "random" names may appear next to items.

I have the right to revoke anyone at anytime. I mean, this is my property after all. All entries/ items subject to change without warning.

If payment is required, payment must be recieved before I ship. A well concealed dollar or two will do for a donation. Shipping will be calculated based on location. I will try to be as exact as possible for shipping so that you don't have to pay up the ass for something I could hand you, had you lived next door. Also, I am NOT responsible for what the USPS man does with your package. (I will scan your shipping recipt into here if you wish to see it.)
Exeptions are only if you are local, or I will be seeing you this summer, aka AFI. You already know who you are. Talk to me if you are looking to make a m.o.

Any further q's.. ASK!!

Be nice and follow my rules.
Happy Treasure finding.